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The Ideal Outfit for your Baby Boy’s Christening

Finding the ideal outfit for your baby boy’s christening can be a difficult task, but starting with buying a romper can help to simplify your search. A romper is a traditional boys christening outfit, but you will need to buy a number of accessories to complete it. For instance, by buying a romper with a gold, stylised waistcoat, you are assured a top quality christening romper, but you will need a pair of shoes to go with it, and ideally a pair of socks and maybe even a hat as well. There are a number of other options as well, which may be suitable, depending upon what your plan is for the day. Having some warm clothing for your baby may be ideal, in which case getting a special occasion coat may be your best option. A bib or something of the sort could help to protect your baby’s outfit, which is important when you’ve spent so much money on a wonderful outfit, which you can hopefully pass down to future generations. While these outfits are great christening outfits, they are also ideal for any special occasion, such as a naming ceremony, or wedding.

About Sunday Best

Sunday best is the longest running Christening wear e-commerce company around. When we first launched our website in 1996, there were 400 entries for christening gowns, now there are 1.9 million. This should give you some idea of what was available and the kind of competition we had when we started.

As a business, we have placed a focus on internet marketing in order to make our products available across the world. When we first started selling christening wear, there was only one other company who retailed christening wear, and they were based in the United States (Katydids who back then made christening gowns on a 6 week order turnaround). Over the years, the market has changed quite a bit!

In order to continue to evolve as a business, we began to design and produce our own christening outfits, filling gaps in our supplier offerings, meeting the specific needs of our customers. Now, we have our own complete range of christening clothes, and are beginning to look into becoming a supplier of christening wear. This should become a major point of business for Sunday Best.

A Checklist for a Special Christening

Last month, Christenings were back in the spotlight with the future King, Prince George being baptised.  There are a few preparations that can make your child’s christening one to remember.

So you’ve booked the church, chosen the Godparents, set the time and date and invited the guests, but have you arranged the party venue? Depending on the type of Christening you desire, a party location could be your own house, a restaurant, a pub venue or even out in the open countryside. The options are limitless and by ensuring your guests can join in with the celebrations after the ceremony, you’re able to make the day much more memorable.

The outfit is one of the most important aspects of a christening, and it requires a lot of consideration. Sunday Best have a wide range of beautiful outfits available, including gowns, rompers and dresses, and we can help you make sure you choose the right outfit your child. We also have a selection of accessories and these can also be just as significant, including: head dresses, footwear, cover-ups, sundries and bibs and shawls.

Photographers can play an important role, especially if you want the special moments captured, and the images a talented photographer can take are likely to be held on to for years, perhaps even framed and passed down through the family.

Gifts are part and parcel of a christening, and a christening gift for your child should ideally be traditional and symbolic. We have a wide range of christening gifts available for your child’s special day, whether you require good quality solid sterling silver bowls, cups, cutlery and necklaces with Celtic crosses or teddy bears, books and pewter picture frames.

We know and appreciate the significance of a child’s christening, and if you use this checklist a guide, we’re certain your child’s special day will be one to remember.

Are Christenings changing form?

It’s fair to say that no christening this month, this year, or perhaps this decade, will be more significant than the ceremony of our future King, Prince George. With Christenings now in the spotlight, we ask whether too many subtle changes been made over time?

Years ago, it would be preposterous to think that a child would have more than five Godparents, yet The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen seven Godparents, while Elizabeth Hurley’s son is said to have six Godfathers. This increase in Godparents applies to many individuals rather than merely celebrities, and it can represent a significant change over time.

There is also evidence to suggest that children are being baptised later in life, and though this is not the case for Prince George, many are baptised between the ages of one and twelve. There are also smaller differences in the ceremonies today. Some churches will warm the water, and though this could be more to do with the facilities available in churches today, it is still different.

There is one thing, however, that has not changed, and that is the demand for traditional christening gowns. The ceremony of Prince George shows that traditional gowns are still popular and are an important part of the christening tradition. Sunday best can provide classic gowns, rompers, and dresses for any type of christening, to find out more get in touch with us today.

The Day of Prince George’s Christening

There’s no doubt about it, a royal christening is a special occasion, but today is perhaps more significant because it’s the christening of a future King, Prince George. That of course means that there will be a lot of eyes on George and his royal christening gown.

Today George will be wearing a replica of the gown that was first created for the christening of Queen Victoria’s first born. It was made by the Queen’s dressmaker of delicate Honiton lace and presented with white satin bows and a high collar. Like many royal occasions, people have slept out overnight to gain viewing spots, but it is actually a rather low-key christening, with only five senior royal family members invited to the service; the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.

The ceremony is to be held at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, and its limited space is arguably the reason for the small number of people attending. Very recently, the Duke and Duchess named Zara Tindall, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Oliver Baker, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, Earl Grosvenor, Julia Samuel and William van Cutsem as the godparents of George, breaking the tradition of choosing Royals for spiritual guidance.

Whatever people’s thoughts are on George’s christening, today is certainly a day to remember. If it has got you thinking about your child’s upcoming christening, then make sure you’re prepared, and look at our range of gowns, rompers and dresses. We also offer christening accessories and gifts for those who want to make the occasion even more special.